What Do You Meme Games?

Memes are the smallest units of social behavior and are the most common way for people to communicate and share ideas. The term’meme’ refers to something that has mass appeal, and spreads easily across various media. Memes do not have a specific origin, and are created through spontaneous reproduction. Memes can originate from various sources, such as video, e-mails, and verbal exchange. In some cases, a single word or phrase is enough to create a meme.


The game combines a simple core with a submission and judging mechanic, making it a fun and unique party game. The players must match things to descriptions to see if they are the most similar. To avoid the confusion of people, the game is g-rated, so parents and older relatives should stay away. This is not an adult party game, and there are no foul language or adult jokes. Memes can be anything from cartoon characters to sports teams.

In a traditional game of What Do You Meme?, players are competing to create the best meme by matching caption cards to photos. To play, a judge is chosen at the beginning of the game. The first judge is usually the person with the most Instagram followers. The remaining players draw seven caption cards and match them with the photo cards. The judge chooses the most funny card. When the competition begins, everyone must try to outdo each other.

The game requires that the players know each other in order to be able to play. Using a simple submit and judge mechanic, players must match things to their descriptions. The idea is to find something that is similar to the other items, while judging the other player’s answer. A game of this type should not be played by young children, but it can be fun for the whole family. You may want to use a screen saver to play during the game.

The game is not only for kids, but can be played with adults as well. The only disadvantage of the game is that it is too violent and contains profanity, but it is worth noting that older people may feel out of place playing the game. The game also requires that players know each other and their sense of humor. If they don’t, it will be difficult to play the games. Thankfully, What Do You Meme is not a violent or sexual game, but it does have a lot of potential to make you laugh.

This game is meant to be played by three to 20 people. The object is to come up with the funniest meme. The players are required to use captions that contain pictures of the game’s characters. The winner is the player with the most hilarious caption. This game will be a lot of fun for all your guests. Then, you can challenge your friends and family members by letting them play. You can even invite them over to play.

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